Goodies for the Oldies #2

Raine Lore
1 min readMay 4, 2022
Old lady image. Reasons Why Oldies Don’t Care What Other People Think.
Geralt on Pixabay — Text RL

Youngsters in Medium Land, we don’t give tuppence for your opinions!

Do we dress in grubby lambskin slippers, loose slacks, and pill-covered, brushed-cotton cardies because we give a continental?

I don’t think so!

We can’t wear our good stuff, anyway, because everything shrank during the Covid, and inoculations made our arms fat!

We lived through the sixties and invented free love. What have you ever invented that makes you so superior?

Pretend war video games? Books about wizards wearing glasses? Phooey!

We’ve seen real insurrections, gone hungry for days, walked ten miles to school through five-foot snowdrifts, (barefoot), and paid housing interest rates of 25%.

We’re impervious to your vocal judgments, and oblivious to your eye-rolling. (Hearing aids can be turned down, spectacles pushed behind sofa cushions).

We’re tuff! We’re resilient! We’re bloody worried when our pensions are late!



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